Monday, February 25, 2008

Apples worry too.

While we apples seldom worry about human health problems, this one is worth your time to consider as it could impact the ability to get irrigation water.

It turns out that just 14 Trident submarines could, on their own, destroy 2688 cities....if that doesn't wake people up to the fact that this system is not only completely broken, but is profoundly, almost infinitely evil, nothing will. Vietnam didn't wake people up (3.4 million rice farmers and their children killed), Iraq hasn't woken people up (1 million killed, 1.5 million wounded, 4.5 million refugees, totaling over 1/4 the entire population of the country)....Trident doesn't wake people up....nothing will wake people up. The mind is like a one-track computer program powered by fear and boundless selfishness. There are many options to MAD but they aren't programmed in.

Well this is a call to all you apples out there. Next time you see a human, wake 'em up.

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